Thursday, November 12, 2009

In Loving Memory

I really don't have a problem with goodbye's but this one is particularly hard. The memories we have shared together has been endless. I remember when you first touched my lips, not exactly love at first sight. Although, you did take my breath away and consumed it with a burning taste of addiction. When times were rough you were there to calm me down and when it was time to celebrate, you celebrated with me. It's been a long love /hate relationship that I will sorely, dearly and truly miss. I'm sorry the road ends here and tomorrow a new awakening begins. In loving memory..... cigarettes.

Day 1 smoke-free starts in approximately 2 Hours and 9 Min.

Thought of the day: If we were all the same would we have a personality?


  1. HAHAHA got me with that post. I wrote one earlier too. Great minds...maybe on the same day.
    And you're blog name is epic win like mine too HIGH FIVE

    Oh yea, it's Kevin