Tuesday, November 17, 2009

What If...

Have you ever been in the state of mind where your not sleeping but not really awake your just staring at whatever is in front of you (sometimes at someone if your in the subway) daydreaming through the "what if" imagination? Like what if I won the lotto max this week I could quit my job flip the bird to that one co-worker that I truly despise, kick over a chair and laugh my ass all the way to the bank. Well that's what happened today and yes I was staring at someone on the subway and to tell you the truth I think I was cross eyed during my trance because my eyes hurt after I snapped out of it. What's even funnier other then the fact I passed my subway stop, was the fact I kinda believed that I was going to win... scratch that I DID believe I was the next soon to be millionaire and started planning the first thing I was going to do. After 6 coffees and a redbull I continued to add to the reality of my adventure with millions. I practically spent 9 hours thinking about this getting more and more excited as time went on. Well now I'm at home and guess what? I forgot to buy a lotto ticket.

Day 1 Smoke Free living hopefully tomorrow shooot it's hard!

Thought of the day: If the end of the world was happening tomorrow would you still try to survive?


  1. now u got me thinking about winning the lotto... *sigh*

    ps: way to steal my display theme *flicks hair

  2. brother #2 i knew it. i knew it all along. you DO think about weird things...JUST LIKE ME.

    hi ryan! yay you have a blog. totally wouldn't have guessed you of all people to have a blog! yay!

  3. lotto max would be nice..can't believe you missed your stop =p

  4. so jokes, spent 2 months of 2nd year doing that with leo, roy, mike, and reggie

    sigh...good times

    your blog name should be ry.vela.shinsssss