Saturday, June 18, 2011

A World with No Mirrors.

Picture walking into a room that's about 15x15 feet all around. Once you look up you see a tarp held up by a long piece of wood not firmly planted in the ground so the wood moves around as the wind hits the tarp. When you look down all you see is dirt with rocks embedded into the ground much like the dirt road you just walked on to get to the room or I should say EXACTLY like the dirt road. As you look to the right you see a crib against a wall that has more holes than a doughnut shop with a baby peacefully sleeping. As you look to the left you see a 5 foot table with a little bit of fruit and veggies covered with fly's rotting in the cracks of sunlight seeping in through the tarp above, some would call this a kitchen. As you look straight ahead you see a small space with just about enough space to fit two grown adults lying down. As you keep looking around you look for a sink, a toilet, a faucet, a mirror. As you can probably tell by now this is not somebody's room. A nine year old girl named Cecilia lives in that house along with her 2 sisters, mother and father. THIS IS HER HOUSE!!! Can you imagine waking up and not being able to wash your hands, brush your teeth, wearing the same clothes you were wearing the day before because it doesn't matter your clothes are all dirty. I pick these 3 girls up every Saturday and Sunday to take them to our service at the mission center and they are always happy, smiling, laughing, excited to partake in the events that lies ahead of them. They don't see what I see, they don't feel what I feel, to them this is all they know so they enjoy it to the fullest the only way they know how. The father works his ass off just to put food on the table during the day and their mother works at night. The last thing their father wants is someone rolling into his home feeling sorry for them and trying to make things better in areas he can't. As a man that could break a nigga. So I have been learning a lesson that I never knew all along. I am not here to pity the people that are unfortunate, I'm here to motivate, inspire, show love and love them as Jesus would. I cried after the first time leaving Cecilia's home and I am crying right now wishing I could do more. I thought to myself for a very long time and I still am thinking what can I do or how can I do it...I can't....but WE can! We will find a way to bring miracles to Maneadero. I may not know who "WE" is but I know I will find out sooner or later.

It's almost been a month since I've arrived here and God is STILL breaking my heart for what breaks His and it is actually beautiful to feel my heart breaking.



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  1. I don't know what kinda 'bad writing' you're talking about :) I might hafta steal your last few words and use it as song lyrics...